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What is Bonded Sterling ? (Silver-Filled .925 1/10)

Bonded Sterling is a quality material that has the same metal properties and wearability of traditional .925 Sterling. This is a heavy layer of sterling silver that has been mechanically bonded to a brass core in order to save on the cost of precious metal. This should not be mistaken for plate as plate is a microscopic film of silver over the core material and will erode with frequent use. The bonded silver layer is a minimum of 10% of the total diameter of the wire as opposed to less than 1% found in plated silver. As such, the wearer will get many years of enjoyment with this quality product!

Care & Cleaning tips for your jewelry

Copper and brass tarnish - it's a fact of life! However.............it is usually really easy to clean. Simply put the piece to be cleaned in a cup or dish and squirt in some real lemon juice, sprinkle in some table salt and swish it around. The tarnish just disappears and your jewelry is a beautiful apricot color again. Very stubborn tarnish can usually be worked off using the above, a little more salt and an old toothbrush. Bear in mind that your skin chemistry can cause the metal to tarnish more severely and can also leave a tarnish mark on your skin. This is quite normal and some body chemistries are just not compatible with copper and/or brass. Do not immerse pearl jewelry in lemon or lime juice!
Tarnish is a normal occurrence, not a product defect!
.925 Sterling silver and Bonded Sterling will also tarnish. This is usually caused by sulphur particles, either airborne or in the water. This is also very easy to remove. With solid sterling silver, all methods of tarnish removal can be used, but the easiest is also the best method for silver plated copper. Line the bottom of a bowl or cup (large enough to immerse the pc to be cleaned) with Aluminum foil. Set item on the foil. Heat approx 500 ml of water to a boil. Remove from heat and put in sink. Add approx 1/8 cup baking soda to the hot water, be careful, this will foam up which is why we do it in the sink! Pour mixture into the cup or bowl with the jewelry and foil and the tarnish will start to disappear and be gone within a couple of minutes. Heavily tarnished pieces may require additional treatments.Avoid buffy cloths and other possible abrasives on all plated jewelry.
Tarnish is a normal occurrence, not a product defect!

Help keep jewelry tarnish-free between wearing by wiping with a soft cloth and storing in sealed plastic baggies.

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