Michelle Carey - Jewelry & Accessories

Hand Felted Products

There are several different ways of making felt. There is wet felting which is a combination of loose wool fibre, warm soapy water and agitation to create a lovely non-woven, warm and durable fabric. Most of the scarves and shawls you will see here are made using this method. I use Merino Wool to do these scares and shawls. Merino is one of the softest of the sheep wools and can be worn comfortably next to the skin.

The other method that I use most often - in particular to make the funky little bags, is to knit a shell out of 100% wool yarn and then it goes into very warm soapy water and through the process of fulling (which again is a whole lot of agitation) the loosely knitted fabric is transformed into a durable, solid and thick fabric to make the outer shell of the bags. I then add the re-purposed necktie handles and the bags are fully lined. Each bag is a one of a kind as I never get the same tie twice!

Handwoven Items

Scarves, shawls and wraps - all handwoven by me

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